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Also known as That Girl That Draws on facebook. I like pretty things, even the dirty things. When I'm not reblogging cats and art, I'm blogging about body positivity, fat posi, feminism.I just feel that women are and should be empowered and work together to kick ass in everything we're looked down upon.

Other than that, I also blog about my penniless starving artist self, and how many coffee shops it takes me to actually draw something.
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I am officially in love with NightWing.. that guy…swooon

the cat and the bat

sketched in pen.

I have spent the past two weeks becoming Batman. I would not answer the door, or even pick up the phone. As far as I knew it, I was Batman. My friend noticed that I almost had a heart attack when I heard he had two new and never opened Batman games, so he asked if I would want to borrow them. I just nodded like an illiterate and there I was, happily putting the two most awesome games inside my bag. I passed Batman arkham asylum in three days, and I passed Batman arkham city in one week. Aside from all the collectables, I have to go back and get them all. Noticing that I had not contacted the said friend, he’d call me to make sure I was alive. Also at home, I’d randomly pass by my brothers room and whisper, "Im Batman" before making my way to the bathroom. I guess I worried my family a little.