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Also known as That Girl That Draws on facebook. I like pretty things, even the dirty things. When I'm not reblogging cats and art, I'm blogging about body positivity, fat posi, feminism. so yeah i draw stuffs.

Other than that, I also blog about my penniless starving artist self, and how many coffee shops it takes me to actually draw something.

I walked in to a warehouse full of HelloKitty and superhero stuff. It was just the best but super expensive. This mug here is fifteen bucks, and a Hello Kitty gym bag was $80. I couldn’t get any more pictures because they called me out on it. All I wanted was these wonder Women pins!! But that alone was $7. I was upset after learning that anything that carried a DC logo was bound to cost my wallet some big bucks. Seven bucks for four Wonder Woman pins may be cheap for some, but Im on a budget. Gotta be smart and hold off a little. Some ladies like to splurge on shoes, I like to splurge on superhero nick-nacks. Shut upp, Youu don’t knoww meeee!!

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